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2019 State of the County: Department Input

  1. Introduction

    As we prepare for the State of the County presentation on May 8, we want to focus on a few of Linn County’s key stories to showcase the important and impactful work of county government. And we’d like your input.

    We are asking all department leaders and elected officials to answer three questions on our electronic form via our website. There are two options to completing the form. You can create an account so you can save your work and come back to it later. Or you can save your answers in a Word document and then copy and paste your answers into the online form below.

    Please submit your responses by March 20. Thank you.

    Each answer box has a character limit of 4,750 characters, or approximately 750 words.

  2. Please describe up to three projects (recently completed or in progress) that your department is proud of.

  3. What is your vision for your department and how does that vision fit the strategic goals of Linn County?

  4. What is the best story you can tell about your department? This could be about a project your department is working on; or an example of how your department helped someone; maybe something humorous; or maybe it’s a memorable interaction or response from a customer. Go ahead – be creative!

  5. This is an opportunity to share anything else that did not fit in one of the previous categories.

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