When are inspections required in Linn County and how do I set up an inspection?

Inspections are required at various stages of work in progress before that work is covered up. Footings require inspection before pouring concrete. Underground electrical, mechanical and plumbing work is inspected before covering. Rough in electrical, mechanical, plumbing and framing must be inspected & approved before covering with insulation or finish material (gypsum board). Inspections are also required on gas piping systems and electrical services.  An approved final inspection is required before the building may be occupied. Note that Linn County inspectors are trained and certified as combination inspectors, which means each inspector is responsible for inspecting all trades. Please view these handouts for further information: Inspection Required - Detached Garages & Accessory Inspection Required - New Construction & Additions Inspection Required - Remodeling and other work at the link below. Office staff are available from 7:30 - 5 each workday at (319) 892-5130 to take your inspection requests. (It is not necessary to speak to an inspector to set up an inspection. For better service, please do not leave an inspection request on voice mail). Allow at least twenty- four hours if you need a specific time for an inspection. Inspection requests made on the same day, a specific time cannot be given, it will be worked in the schedule where possible.

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