How do I qualify for the veteran affairs relief program?

To be eligible for benefits an indigent veteran shall qualify by:

  • Being a legal resident of Linn County for at least 30 days. Residency shall be defined to mean that a domicile has been established with the indigent to remain, which may be demonstrated, by a driver’s license, a lease, and enrollment of children in school, registration to vote, or other indicators of good faith residence.
  • Having been discharged under Honorable, or General under Honorable Conditions. Veteran must also provide a copy of the DD-214 (discharge papers).
  • Meeting Linn County Commission of Veteran Affairs income guidelines.
    • Family of 1: Income limitation $1,083.52 
    • Family of 2 or more: Income limitation $1,182.52

Questions? Call 319-892-5160 or stop by our office at: 1240 26th Ave Ct SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

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