Squaw Creek Park

Squaw Creek Park offers opportunities for picnicking, camping, winter activities, nature study and more. The name Squaw Creek Park is named after Squaw Creek, which follows a meandering course through a shallow valley in the park. This 700-acre park is home to a variety of wildlife and the proximity to the metropolitan area makes Squaw Creek a popular destination for outdoor recreation.  


Squaw Creek Park offers 69 campsites with a modern, state-of-the-art restroom and shower facility. Campgrounds are usually open April 15 to October 15, ground conditions permitting. The Squaw Creek Campground is divided into two camping areas: A Loop and B Loop. A Loop at Squaw Creek Park is the only family campground in the Linn County Park system that allows advanced reservations. There are two sanitary dumping stations nearby.

View a map of the A Loop Campground and make a reservation.

View a map of the B Loop Campground. Sites are first come, first served. 

Squaw Creek Trail

The four mile trail winds through a variety of vegetation types ranging from open meadows to brushy creek bottoms to mature timber. Users have the opportunity to enjoy the solitude of a hike in the woods while viewing wildflowers and abundant wildlife. The trail is popular for hiking, horseback riding, nature study, running and cross country skiing. 

The trail system includes a mountain biking system, developed and managed by LAMBA and equestrian-friendly trails. 

Lodges & Shelters

The park has two enclosed lodges and one open air shelter. Prairie Oak Lodge offers approximately 4000 square feet of floor space. Red Cedar Lodge offers approximately 2000 square feet of floor space. Meadowlark Shelter has nearby outdoor recreation opportunities including trails, playgrounds, picnic tables and grills.