Boats, Snowmobiles, & ATVs

Boat Registrations

View or download the Boat Application (PDF), to be used for new boats, renewals, and transfers and duplications of registration, titles, and liens.

First Year
Second Year
Third Year
No Motor - No Sail
Motor Sail
Less than 16 feet
Motor Sail
Between 16 and 26 feet
Motor Sail
Between 26 and 40 feet
Motor Sail
More than 40 feet
All Personal Watercraft
Documented Vessels

Please note: Second- and third-year columns are only for new boats. For renewal fees, use the first-year column. If the registration is already expired, there is a $5 penalty added to the renewal fee.


There is a transfer fee of $3.75 and a duplicate fee of $3.75.

Boat Titles

Boat titles are $12.75 each plus $12.75 with a lien. Transfers can be made with a signed and dated Bill of Sale and signed registration and Title (if applicable).

Snowmobile & ATV Registrations

The annual registration fee is $17.75 between January 1 and December 31 of every year. There is a duplicate fee of $7.75. Transfers can be made with a signed and dated bill of sale and signed title certificate.

Owners will be charged a $5 penalty for sleds and ATVs not transferred within 30 days from purchase date

Snowmobile & ATV Titles

The title fee without a lien is $11.50, and the title fee with a lien is $23.