Iowa VINE1-888-7IAVINEThis service will notify you of an offender’s release from jail or prison, escape, transfer to another facility, or death.
Crime Victim Compensation Program1-800-373-5044Can reimburse victim’s for some crime related expenses, such as medical bills, counseling expenses and lost wages. This program is not able to reimburse victims for property damage.
Waypoint Domestic Violence Services 
24/7 Crisis Line: 319-363-2093
Provide advocates to offer emotional support, individual and group counseling, support groups, information and community referrals, criminal and civil advocacy, and support for parenting in the context of domestic violence.
Friends of the Family24/7 Crisis Line:

Advocates work to support victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking in providing safety and housing options.
Amani Community Services319-804-0741A culturally specific domestic violence and sexual assault agency serving African Americans.  Staff provides counseling, advocacy, out-reach services and legal advocacy.
Riverview Center24/7 Crisis Line:
Provides compassionate, client-centered care for individuals affected by sexual violence.  Advocates provide emotional support, crisis counseling, medical advocacy, legal advocacy and connections with support groups.
Survivors Program319-398-3943Supports and advocates for individuals who have lost a family member or friend through homicide or vehicular homicide.  Provides emergency crisis to long-term support, investigation, prosecution, and post-sentencing, assistance in filing for financial compensation for crime related expenses and post-conviction support.
Deaf Iowans Against AbuseText 515-661-4015
24/7 Video Phone:
Provides immediate crisis advocacy and support to deaf, deaf-blind, or hard of hearing persons who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, teen dating violence, stalking or bullying.  Email:
Safe at Home515-581-0145Is an address confidentiality program, which helps victims by providing a substitute address so their physical address does not appear in public records.
Iowa Legal Aid1-800-532-1275Provides free legal help with civil law problems for eligible low-income Iowans.
Chains Interrupted319-536-2027Focuses on preventing human trafficking from ever happening and also works with others in the rescue and restoration of those injured by this heinous crime.