Public Art Commission


The Public Art Commission develops policies concerning art in Linn County buildings, including the selection of artists, commissioning artwork and reviewing the design and maintenance of artwork. The Board of Supervisors appoints members. The commission is comprised of nine members who serve a three-year term.

Commission Members (three-year terms)

Term Expires
Lu Barron12/31/18
Michael Denney12/31/18
Sean Ulmer12/31/18
William Stamats12/31/19
Bradd Brown12/31/19
Loren Hoffman12/31/19
Lynda Black-Smith12/31/20
Kristin Novak12/31/20
Stacey Walker12/31/20


Meetings are scheduled as needed and held at the Jean Oxley Linn County Public Service Center, 935 Second Street SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404.

Agendas & Minutes

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