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Mental Health and Disability Service Surplus Application


  1. 1. Requirements & Criteria
  2. 2. Application Cover
  3. 3. Application Content
  4. 4. Required Attachments
  • Requirements & Criteria

      • Grant funding must be used for the project described in the application.
      • Grantees shall have offices located in Linn County and provide mental health and disability services to Linn County residents.
      • Organizations designated as non-profits must provide proof of non-profit status.
      • Municipalities within the jurisdictional boundaries of Linn County may submit an application but must demonstrate how funding would be used to help people with mental health and/or disabilities.
      • Due to legal restrictions, Iowa Code Section 331.901(5), organizations under ecclesiastical or sectarian management or control are not eligible for Linn County funds..
      • The Board of Supervisors may request a representative from your organization to attend a public meeting to relate progress towards the completion of your project.

    1. Applications are available on Linn County’s homepage ( starting on Monday January 15th. Applications must be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m. on Thursday February 15th.

    2. Applications for funding will be scored based on how well they meet the following objectives:

      • Has potential for long-term impact
      • Serves those with mental health and disability needs in Linn County
      • Addresses an emerging need, or provides a solution to an existing community need within mental health and disability services
      • Clearly describes project goals
      • Demonstrates sound financial plans for future funding of the project/program

      • Organization name
      • Project name
      • Address
      • Contact person and title
      • Phone
      • Email
      • Dollar amount requested
      • Total project cost
      • Summary of request (500 characters)

      • Brief description of your organization and mission
      • Is your organization designated as a non-profit (Yes or No)
      • If yes, please provide documentation proving non-profit status

      • Define and document the problem or need addressed by this program or project

      • Describe the project and what will be accomplished.
      • Describe the target population, how many will be served and for how long?
      • Evidence Based Practice. (Yes or No)
      • Will program/project serve residents outside the jurisdictional boundaries of Linn County?

    3. List the project goals and objectives

      • Applicant must indicate if their funding request is for one time dollars or for ongoing expenditures.
      • If approved, how would program/project be sustained into the future without future Linn County fund balance dollars?

    4. For questions, please contact Linn County Supervisor Ben Rogers at 319-892-5106 or

    5. Requirements & Criteria Verification*