Engineering & Secondary Road Department


1888 County Home Road
Marion, IA 52302



The Secondary Road Department has approximately 67 employees that report to the various district shops, main shop, and Engineer's Office.
Name Title Email Phone
Position, Vacant Linn County Engineer   (319)892-6400
Ketels, Brad Assistant Linn County Engineer II (319)892-6404
Brown, Nichole Office Manager/Financial Analyst (319)892-6405
Reddish, Garret Assistant Linn County Engineer I (319)892-6409
Kelley, Jerad Operations Superintendent 319-892-6430
Alexander, Thad Shops Manager (319)892-6427
Ford, Bob District #3 Maintenance Foreman (319)929-9053
Anderson, Greg District #2 Maintenance Foreman (319)929-9052
Rstom, Jon District #1 Maintenance Foreman (319)929-9051
Kepner, Brandon District #4 Maintenance Foreman (319)929-9054
Franck, Gary Construction Crew Foreman (319)892-6423
Roman, Rob Roadside Manager (319)892-6424