Physical Fitness Standards

Iowa law requires that all peace officers successfully complete a physical fitness performance test consisting of a sit and reach (flexibility) test, a one-minute sit-up test, a one-minute push-up test, and a 1.5 mile run for time. You must successfully complete all four sections of the physical test. 


The performance requirements to pass each physical fitness test are based on gender and age, as provided below.  

MALE 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60+
Sit & Reach Test 16.5 15.5 14.3 13.3 12.5
1 Minute Sit-Up Test 38 35 29 24 19
1 Minute Push-Up Test 29 24 18 13 10
1.5 Mile Run Test 12:51 13:36 14:29 15:26 16:43
FEMALE 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60+
Sit & Reach Test 19.3 18.3 17.3 16.8 15.5
1 Minute Sit-Up Test 32 25 20 14 6
1 Minute Push-Up Test 15 11 9 12* 5*
1.5 Mile Run Test 15:26 15:57 16:58 17:54 18:44

*Females in excess of 49 years of age may do push-ups on their knees

Sit and Reach Test

This is a measure of flexibility of the lower back and upper leg area. It is an important area of preforming tasks involving range of motion and in minimizing lower back problems. The test involves stretching out to tough the toes or beyond with extended arms from a sitting position. The score is in inches reached on a yard stick fastened to an apparatus with 15 inches being at the toes and the one inch mark closest to the body. Knees must be locked and the hands together as the person stretches down the measuring apparatus. 

Sit and Reach

1 Minute Sit-Up Test

This is a measure of the muscular endurance of the abdominal muscles. It is an important area of performing tasks that may involve the use of force and is an important area for maintaining good posture and minimizing lower back problems. The score is in number of bent leg sit ups performed in 1 minute. Hands must remain on or about the head, in the up position, elbows should touch the knees or upper portion of the thigh, in the down position, the back must come down so that shoulder blades touch the floor. Legs may be held for assistance.


1 Minute Push-Up Test

This test requires pushing one's own weight off the floor. This measures the amount of force the upper body can generate and is an important area of performing tasks requiring upper body strength. The score is calculated by the number of push-ups performed in 1 minute. The body is supported by the hands and feet touching the ground, with legs straight and off the ground. The chest must come down and touch a first placed under the individual's chest, then the arms must go to full extension to complete the push-up. 


1.5 Mile Run Test

This is a timed run to measure the heart and vascular system's capability to transport oxygen. It is an important area of performing tasks involving stamina and endurance and to minimize the risk of cardiovascular problems. The score is in minutes and seconds. 

1.5 Mile Run