Natural Resource & Land Management

Natural Resources & Land Management staff work to protect, preserve and enhance the natural resources of Linn County through conservation practices.

Core Functions

  • Conduct prairie management, to include planting, mowing and prescribed burning
  • Conduct invasive species control
  • Evaluate timber resources, write management plans and proposals for timber management, conduct timber sales when appropriate, prepare contracts for timber sales. 
  • Conduct tree planting, both large scale seedling plantings and large landscape trees
  • Develop food plot planting plan and plant food plots for wildlife
  • Maintain and implement a hazard tree program to ensure public safety. 
  • Conduct landscaping of newly developed sites including trails, lodges and buildings
  • Maintain and write crop leases for the conservation department
  • Write and maintain vegetation management plan for the conservation department, which includes chemical application and purchase.
  • Conduct habitat improvement through vegetation manipulation and the construction of wetlands