Temporary Redistricting Commission

A five-member Temporary Redistricting Commission was appointed by the Linn County Board of Supervisors per Iowa code following the November 2016 election where Linn County voters voted to reduce the membership of the Linn County Board of Supervisors from five to three.

On August 1, 2017, Linn County voters voted to keep the current district representation plan that requires supervisors to live in the district they represent and only residents of the district can vote for that Supervisor. Linn County’s supervisor districts must now be redrawn from five districts to three.

The Linn County temporary redistricting commission is responsible for drawing equal-population redistricting maps that conform to requirements outlined in Iowa Code. The commission voted to use Linn County’s Geographic Information System (GIS) department to generate the maps. After meeting code requirements, including holding a public hearing on the proposed map plan, the commission will submit a plan to the Board of Supervisors and the Secretary of State for approval. New supervisor districts must be designated by February 15, 2018.


All meetings of the Temporary Redistricting Commission are open to the public.

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Draft District Plan Maps

Draft Plan 1
Draft Plan 2
Draft Plan 3
Draft Plan 4

Temporary Redistricting Commission Members:

Ray Dochterman
Cindy Golding
Sarah Halbrook
Dave Machacek
Nate Willems

All three supervisor seats will be on the ballot during the general election in November 2018. The three-member Board of Supervisors will take office January 2, 2019.