Animal Bite Reporting

As stated in Linn County Ordinance Chapter 28, it is the responsibility of physicians, healthcare practitioners, and veterinarians to report any known animal bites or skin abrasions caused by companion or wild animals to the respective animal control center serving Linn County. 

Physicians, healthcare practitioners, and veterinarians should complete a Linn County Animal Bite/Bat Exposure Record and forward the form to the appropriate animal control entity. A electronically fillable Animal Bite/Bat Exposure Record is also available. 

On March 7, 2017, the Linn County Animal Bite/Bat Exposure Record was updated, and a letter to providers was sent to healthcare providers, veterinarians, and law enforcement in Linn County.  

Animal bites and bat exposures can increase the risk of a person being exposed to rabies. For additional information about rabies, visit: