Board of Health

Board of Health 2015
The Linn County Board of Health

Linn County Public Health is governed by the Linn County Board of Health (BOH), which consists of five members appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

The Chairman of the Board of Health is Linda Langston
Dr Sharon Bertroche, a physician with Mercy Medical Clinic in Marion, IA.
Dr. Mary Tarbox
Dan Marquardt
Mark Taylor
  • Support the mission of public health
  • Discuss health issues and concerns, solicit input and share plans for public health with business and community leaders
  • Develop public health policy based on data and community input 
  • Assure compliance with legal responsibilities (Iowa Code/Iowa 
    Administrative Code) 
  • Understand and support quality service provision and fiscal accountability
Board of Health Committees 
Finance and Administrative Review 
BOH Liaison: Linda Langston
The Finance and Administrative Review Committee shall oversee the financial management of 
the Agency, and make recommendations for improvement to the Board as appropriate. Also, 
has responsibility for periodically reviewing the personnel policies of the Agency and making 
recommendations to the Board as appropriate. It advises the Health Director on personnel 
matters and recommends approval for all budgeted positions in the Agency. The Committee 
shall be advised by the Health Director of any personnel issues and grievances. 
Community Health Collaboration 
BOH Liaison: Dr. Sharon Bertroche and Dr. Mary Tarbox
The Community Health Collaboration Committee shall have the responsibility for reviewing 
the scope of community health activities ongoing or needed in the community, and for making 
recommendations to the Board and to the Health Director for opportunities for community 
collaborations in the general public health system or for programs and services under the 
purview of the Linn County Public Health Department. 
Policy and Government Relations 
BOH Liaison: Linda Langston 
The Policy and Government Relations Committee shall have the reasonability for reviewing the 
annual work program and making recommendations to the Board as appropriate. It shall be 
responsible for evaluating all programs and services and recommending changes to the Board 
as appropriate. It shall oversee the Agency’s quality assurance measures. The committee shall 
be responsible for seeing that the Board develops an annual strategic plan. It shall review 
proposed Agency policies and make recommendations to the full Board. It shall consider the 
enactment of any Board policy or ordinance regulating the public’s health and make 
recommendations to the full Board.

Meetings & Contact Info

With the exceptions of July and December, the Board of Health normally meets the 4th Wednesday of each month at 5:00 PM. Minutes are included in the listing as they are approved, which typically is following the next Board of Health meeting. The board of health chair can be contacted at the email address below. Access Board of Health minutes and agendas can be accessed in the County's Agenda Center.