Community Services Building of Linn County

The Community Services Building was Linn County’s first new construction project to open following the 2008 flood and houses many of the County’s human services departments. The building opened in August 2011. The Linn County Board of Supervisors dedicated the Community Services Building in honor of former Iowa Governor Chet Culver for his dedication and assistance in securing I-JOBS funding to help construct the building.

The Community Services Building is located at 1240 26th Ave. Court SW in Cedar Rapids.

Prior to the flood, Linn County Community Services was located in the Witwer Building in downtown Cedar Rapids. Linn County sold the Witwer Building in 2010.

Departments in the Building

The Community Services Building of Linn County promotes efficiency in government by bringing together departments that were in four separate locations prior to the 2008 flood.

Linn County departments located in the Community Services Building include:

  • Aging and Disability Resource Center
  • Family Transformation Services
  • General Assistance
  • Home Health
  • Information Technology
  • Linn County Community Services - Core Services / Administration
  • Linn County Community Services - Core Services / Fiscal
  • Linn County Decategorization and Early Childhood - Iowa 
  • Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities (MHDD)
  • Options of Linn County
  • Ryan White
  • Veteran Affairs