Linn County Maps and Data


The GIS Division provides access to download many map data layers at the Iowa GIS Data Repository.  There you can download zip files containing ESRI© Shapefile, File Geodatabase, and some AutoCAD formatted data layers. To use these files you will need one of a variety of programs capable of using these formats. To gain access to these files you simply need to create a new log in and navigate to Linn County's "open" folder. To acquire access to our "limited" folder, please contact us at 319-892-5250 or email for more details. The “limited” folder contains data that we distribute to organizations that have signed the data sharing agreement below with us. All data stored on the Iowa GIS Data Repository site is public information and has no fee. 

GIS data may also be downloaded from within the County’s GIS portal Linn County GIS Data Downloads.  Each layer is individually extracted out of our enterprise GIS, compressed and uploaded each Monday morning.

View a list of Linn County data layers we currently have available either by request or via the data repository.


Below are frequently requested Maps available for download and printing.  These are all in a PDF format and are typically updated annually.

Please be patient while accessing the maps. Some are very large in size. Thank you!

County Maps
    City Maps
    Township Maps
    PLSS Township Maps
    Please contact us if you have a custom data and/or map request.
    Contact Information
    If you have questions, please call 319-892-5250 or email.