Our Community

  1. Certificates & Records

    Browse through real estate, birth, death, and marriage records.

  2. Doing Business

    Get information about business services within the community.

  3. Facilities

    Find details about the different facilities within the community, how to rent them, and more.

  4. Flood Recovery

    Obtain information about flood recovery within the community.

  5. For Your Health

    Gather information about septic system and well permits, food inspections, and pollen counts.

  6. Getting Around

    Access information about LIFTS, an organization that provides door-to-door transportation.

  7. Having Fun

    Learn about the different parks, trails, natural areas, campsites, canoe rentals, and more.

  1. Linn County Fair

    View the official website for the Linn County Fair.

  2. Outdoor Sports

    Discover where to obtain a fishing and hunting license, or where to register your boat, snowmobile, and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) in order to be able to enjoy it.

  3. Parks

    Explore the different parks within the community.

  4. Road Rules

    Peruse through the policies for dust control and driveways.

  5. Taxes & Fees

    Check out information about property taxes and registering your vehicle.

  6. Working for the County

    Apply for a position open in the county.