Central Point of Coordination

The Linn County CPC office provides policy, planning and funding for services for people with disabilities. 

Assessment and Service Identification
Linn County staff will meet with you to determine your eligibility and help you find the appropriate services.  Contact us at (319) 892-5670.

If you have Medicaid and a mental illness, contact the Integrated Health Home for case management services and funding authorization.  (319) 261-0576

County funding is available for eligible individuals to pay for the following services. For more services, contact the Central Point of Coordination Office at (319) 892-5670.

  • Case Management: Assess needs, plan services, and ensures that services are provided as planned
  • Commitment Costs: Attorney fees, transportation, and hospitalization
  • Outpatient Mental Health: Psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, medication management, adult day treatment, community support program, and crisis intervention
  • Residential Services: Inpatient care at state institutions, group homes, and supported apartment living
  • Vocational Services: Sheltered employment, work activity centers, or supported employment (on-the-job coaching)
Emergency Services
Linn County contracts with Foundation 2 to provide 24-hour emergency response to mental health crises at the site of the crisis. That service, known as the Mobile Crisis Outreach, can be reached by calling (319) 247-0030