Ryan White Medical Case Management

Ryan White Medical Case Management offers confidential services for people who are living with HIV / AIDS.

Newly diagnosed, or looking for HIV / AIDS information, resources, or services? We offer:
  • Advocacy
  • Assistance with obtaining prescriptions / medical insurance
  • Options counseling
  • Medical case management
  • Public benefit counseling (including Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Disability Benefits, Medicaid for Employed People with Disabilities, Food Assistance, etc.).
  • Referrals for services
  • Resource information

Medical Case Management
Professional, on-going, and confidential support is available to help you obtain and maintain:
  • Appropriate medical care
  • Federal, state, and local benefit programs
  • Housing assistance
  • Medications
  • Proper nutrition

Our medical case managers are here for you!

AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)
Can't afford your medications? The ADAP may be able to help you obtain needed medications or maintain your prescription insurance, if you qualify. Other prescription assistance programs may also be available.

Housing Opportunity For People With AIDS (HOPWA)
A U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) program is available for short-term and long-term rental / mortgage assistance for those who qualify. Other housing assistance programs may also be available.

Free Service
Our services are free of charge regardless of income and/or financial resources.

Serving Linn, Benton, Jones, Cedar, and the surrounding areas.