Health & Social Services

  1. Accessible Transportation

    Access information about accessible transportation in the community.

  2. Caring for the Elderly

    View information about the care available to the elderly in the county.

  3. Caring for Your Child

    Obtain details on services available to help you care for your child.

  4. Child Support Questions

    Ask questions about child support, and get answers.

  5. Disability Services

    Peruse details about disability services that are offered.

  6. Emergency Financial Assistance

    Learn about the emergency financial assistance available.

  7. Health Services

    Browse different health services that are provided in the community.

  8. Help at Home

    Get information about the home services that are offered in the community.

  9. Help for Veterans

    Find what help veterans can obtain within the community.

  10. HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices

    Read the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) notice of privacy practices.

  11. Public Health Concerns

    Gather and submit in public health concerns.

  12. Vocational Services

    Discover vocational services offered throughout Linn County.